Unable to reboot instance

So my instance, which I use mainly for web-hosting, became unresponsive to SSH today so I decided to do a soft-reboot from the control panel, however it doesn’t appear to be completing.

I’ve also tried a hard reboot using the openstack command line tools; but my instance seems to still be stuck in either the hard reboot or soft reboot states, and has been for over three hours (with no response to the ticket I posted when I first noticed it was stuck, and live chat is unavailable, very disappointing!).

Obviously I’m still hoping to have the ticket resolved, but for future reference I want to know what my other options are to restore my server, ideally without changing IP and without having to do a lengthy restore from backups.

I’m running an instance with Ubuntu Server 12.04, and was planning to upgrade it tomorrow; I’ve never had any issues with it until now though, and like I say I only really use it as a web-server so I’m confused as to what could cause such an issue in the first place, as either it’s failing to reboot, or is stuck in some kind of reboot cycle, though I can’t imagine how the OS could become corrupted to cause that (if that’s indeed what has happened), as I’m very careful to minimise what I do as root and use very strict permissions for everything that runs under other users.

I install updates semi-regularly (usually about once a month unless I see a security update that I want to apply sooner), but it’s been nearly a month since the last time (like I say, I was going to do an update tomorrow), so it seems unlikely an update caused the issue.

If your instance is in US-East 1, the issues are most likely because we had degradation in our storage system. The team is working on restoring it now and you can follow any updates at http://www.dreamhoststatus.com/2016/10/11/dreamcompute-us-east-1-cluster-service-disruption/

I also presented the same problem after trying to restart the instance I wonder if General fails or is it just my body

Ugh, I had the exact same problem. Spent a good hour trying to solve the problem on my own. Submitted a support ticket.

And now I just happen to find this.

It would be nice if DH provided a better notification of such a global failure. I guess in the future I should check a twitter feed whenever my instance acts up?? That seems annoying.

I have the same problem. After try a soft reboot 8 hours ago, I can’t shutdown machine nor access them… :frowning:

Glad to know it’s not my fault at least (unless my web-host somehow brought the whole thing down)!

I suppose in that case I don’t really need to know alternatives, as presumably a soft or hard reboot is plenty to resolve a problem, I just hope it doesn’t take too long to fix, I’m supposed to be using my instance for development and testing this week :frowning:

If you are currently having issues on US-East 1, please follow https://dreamhoststatus.com. Things are improving on that side.

https://dreamhoststatus.com and https://www.dreamhoststatus.com don’t seem to work (with different errors for each), http://dreamhoststatus.com or http://www.dreamhoststatus.com work correctly tho.

Just wondering if anyone has an ETA. Hate to be a pain, and am sure this is like the 10,000th time this q has been asked on the boards and prob. tech support. I know everyone is probably working on a 10 cup of coffee overtime, but well people will be asking me pointed questions about when this will be up etc in angry tones. Gotta tell them something. Last update on the blog was 7:30 PM Pacific Time last night. Should we start moving to US-West?

We are making good progress, and we hope to have this resolved fully soon.

As for moving instances, it is recommended to look into US-East 2, our production cluster, for services you wish to keep on DreamCompute. We can help with questions after the cluster is back up, on how to move instances and volumes between the clusters. The TL;DR is that IP addresses aren’t portable between the clusters, and the clusters are independent, so moving isn’t automated however we have some tips on how to make images and test them before switching over.

It’s 18th here in India and my DreamCompute server is stuck in reboot right now. Chat support is offline. I have submitted a ticket but I have no idea when it would be responded to. I cannot even shut down the instance so that I can start it again. I am basically completely helpless right now. This is pretty frustrating.

Please open a support ticket using https://dreamhost.com/support or https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=support.msg because the tech support people need you to provide more details.

I’m closing this thread to dissuade people to leave more support requests on the forums: use the support tickets, and provide details there like your instance ID, username, etc that would help DreamHost engineers identify your broken instances with precision.