Unable to login to wordpress

I have never successfully logged in to Wordpress. The link I received in email had expired and the option to get a new password through automatic emails does not work either - the emails never arrive (not in junk).

Have instructions from support to reset password through PHPadmin, but am now (and this happened prior to me hoping I have reset password in PHP) getting

’ HTTP 500 error - page cannot be displayed because the server maybe under maintenance or there could be a programming error.’

when I attempt to connect to the site.

Any ideas?

I renamed the .htaccess file to old.htaccess through FTP (as suggested in one site), but I get the same error. The other suggestions to fix the problems - removing plugins and the like - do not seem appropriate, as I have never yet logged in successfully to do anything.

It’s strange that the link in the email expired. How did you setup WordPress? Maybe the easier thing to do is to remove everything and start over from scratch?

Thank you for your reply.

I chose to install Wordpress during the set up process. I did not action the link in the email at the time and it said it had expired when I clicked on it, but I had the option to reset the password, which apparently should send another link. These emails never arrive in my email account. Support have said that the links do expire, but cannot tell me how long they last and can give me no indication of why I am not receiving the reset password emails. I use free Hotmail/outlook. The emails are not in junk, so presumably they are being blocked. Dreamhost do not generate these emails I am told. What’s odd is that I received the initial one.

My bigger problem is not being able to connect to my domain. The error I get is the one in the first post. I have had a support call logged for over a day, but have had no response at all.

I have just chosen to uninstall Wordpress. I’ll re-install it shortly and hope that this solves my problem. We’ll see.

Well, hallelujah!

Removing and re-installing Wordpress has solved all the problems.

I received the initial email, clicked on it immediately and was able to set my password. I can see the domain again.

Why, or why did Support not suggest this in the first place, since I had not ever logged in and had nothing to save?

Wasted 4 days on this issue.

Thanks for the suggestion Smaffulli.

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