Unable to login to site stats

I am logging into the control panel, going to site statistics. I select the domain and get the authentication login. None of my ids work. I receive the message that I am not authorized to login (after 3 attempts).

I’ve tried my dreamhost login, my email login, my ftp login, and the user i created under site statistics for that domain. What am I doing wrong?

hm… strange enough. But sometimes clearing cookies might help, I dunno… but it worth to try :slight_smile:


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This is the user that you should use to log-in.

About the only thing I can suggest is that you confirm that you are entering the username/password correctly, remember, they are case sensitive.


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I now recall the instructions in the cp said it takes 15 minutes to setup a new user. Maybe I didn’t wait long enough. This time when I clicked on site statistics it asked me to login. Once I did I clicked on the domain in question and it launched the stats.


I’ve found the delay quoted by the panel to be a little ‘rubbery’ at times. Often, things happen much quicker than the quoted times, but sometimes it seems to take forever for changes to take effect. I guess a lot depends on how busy the server in question is and how many other changes are in the queue.

Excellent, it’s good to hear that things are working.

Good luck.


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I am having the same problem, only I’ve had this hosting since May, and I know I’m typing in the correct information.