Unable to login to panel - get blank page on submit


Am attempting to log in to my dreamhost panel however although I get the login page it simply brings up a link to the dreahmoststatus.com website after I press submit.

Have been unable to login all day and therefore cannot directly contact support either.

Any ideas?



Did you try forcing a page refresh from the server? Ctrl-f5 on most browsers. and/or clear your cache?


Yes, done all that. Also done a /flushdns and even tried using my mobile over 3g and still getting the same error. A friend down the road who uses dreamhost reports he is able to log in fine whihc would suggest the issue is at their end.

The page that loads actually just reads

DreamHost Status

(in plain text, the HTML doesn’t render), rather than it being blank.


I’ve logged out and back into the panel without issue, I can also see Dreamhoststatus.com without issue, and there are no new reports since June 19.


Hymagumba — there was an unusual issue with your panel “toolbox” which I just corrected. You should be able to log in correctly now.


yep - all working again

thank you :slight_smile: