Unable to log into Word Press Admin

I was editing the pictures in an older post this morning and the dashboard for my site suddenly switched to the WP admin log-in screen. No matter how many times I try to log in, it just keeps going back to that screen. I put in my name and password and it blanks out and comes back to the log-in screen.

How can I get back to my dashboard?

Here is the site if it helps - everything looks okay (except for the huge pictures on the one post) www.patricecapone.com

As of WordPress 4.0, the cookie rules are a lot tighter for your security. Which means that if the home and siteURL values for your site aren’t matching, the cookie won’t be set and you can’t log in. Boo. Usually this happens if one of the values has www and the other doesn’t.

Your home was http://www.patricecapone.com but your SITE url was OurTinyTexas… instead. I made them match. You should be able to log in now, but please flush your cache on your browser first :slight_smile:

I had this problem after my website was subject to a brute force attack. I had the admin login username details set to “admin” and had the Stop Spammers plug in installed. Every time I used the admin log in, it kept me out. I had to clear the cache in the dreamhost panel, get help from dreamhost Via LiveChat. when that was all reset I signed in, downloaded ADMIN USER NAME CHANGE plug in, changed the admin user name to something else and problem fixed. Took a while, but not sure if this is the same as your problem.

In general, having ‘admin’ as your admin account is a bad idea, but that error sounds like you were accidentally tripping out brute force protection :slight_smile: I think that may actually be ironic, and not Alanis Morrisette Ironic.