Unable to log in to panel.dreamhost.com; no IP Auth email

Dear DreamHost Discussion Forum members,
I am unable to log into my DreamHost account. I am unable to contact support because you have to be logged in first. I have sent requests for help via the “Contact Us” form for three days in a row now and I have not heard anything back.

I am losing faith in DreamHost. I don’t know what to do.

Here are the steps and the results:
[]Go to panel.dreamhost.com
]Attempt to log in; it says “need to authorize your IP”
[]Enter my “authorized IP” information; It says “An Email has been sent”
]I am not getting that email, so I cannot get any further.

I have requested change password, but there again, I am not getting the email to complete that process.

I am at a horrible loss right now. I have no idea what to do.

If anyone has any ideas, they are welcome.

Thanks in advance…

That does not sound like a typical log-in feature…are you quite sure your browser does not have mal-ware? Have you tried a different computer to log in with?

IP Authorization is an optional security setting offered by DreamHost. In the control panel it can be found here:

Here’s a how-to I found with a quick search:

Hello there,

Thank you for contacting us for help. I apologize for any frustration. If you have already sent a support ticket in through the “Contact Form” on our site, if you can supply the name or email used I can look into the status right away, your patience is appreciated.

Matt C

Matt C,
Yes, I have attempted to get support through the Contact Form on the DH site, but have not gotten a response. I also wanted to mention (in case you didn’t get it) that I sent you an email via this discussion forum email form.

My email is working for all other purposes, and I’ve tried to Log In / Authorize IP using another browser, but still no luck.

I’ve tried to log in here and there over the last month to check on things, but wasn’t able to; I thought it was just a fluke. But now I’m guessing that it hasn’t been working for me for nearly a month and it’s time for me to get in there.

I hope you really can help.


Hi Thomas,

I did recieve your email and I was able to find your ticket! I apologize for the delay in response. I have escalated it over to our security/abuse team and they will update you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience while they look into it, it is greatly appreciated.

Matt C

Matt C,
I did get an email back from ‘support’; from what they could see all looked normal. But for some reason or another the emails were not making it to my inbox (or any other sub-category of inbox, like spam or junk). I just wasn’t getting the emails at that particular email address. Something Google, my ISP or PRISM is doing. I don’t know. That email address seems to work fine for the rest of my business, but who knows what I’m missing.

Anyway, after proving who I am, support was able to help me get in and change my email address. So I’m all good now.

Thanks for your help.

Take care.