Unable to Log in due to lost Multifactor Authentication

I’ve sent numerous emails through the defunct DreamHost contact system. Note that the drop downs do not address a situation where your Authenticator is lost. It generally covers sales or billing situations. I would think there should be a priority one help desk use case when it comes to account access (where you CAN’T login to CPanel).

In my case (as with many others I have seen within these forums), I had to replace my phone which in turn caused me to have to redo my authenticator code. Most modern services that offer Multifactor Authentication have numerous ways to contact support in case there is an issue. DreamHost does not. Why offer a service you are not prepared to provide service for?

SO after numerous attempts to try to leave various “Contact” messages seeking help from the “So-Called” 24/7 support - here I sit without a word from the DreamHost team - and locked out of my account.

Sadly, after YEARS of service - I think this will be the catalyst that causes me to move on to a more modern and supported hosting solution. While I have enjoyed the service, I have always had issue with the support. Its lacking and ranks within the worst I’ve seen with hosting services worldwide over the years.

Please - please read this and get in touch with me. This has become a joke, as I’ve expected to have several sites online this weekend - only to have found your service had other intentions. Please set the RedBull down, avert your gaze from cartoon network, and please contact me. I’ve wasted the weekend TRYING to get into my own account without success.

http://www.dreamhost.com/contact/ is worthless as in my mind, it is NOT monitored. Please contact me asap - I need into my account, you know, the one I’M PAYING FOR…

Your completely dissatisfied customer…

I am in the same boat. I actually haven’t had many issues with getting support in the nearly ten years I’ve been with Dreamhost. But now it seems I am unable to get in contact with anyone to fix this problem. I know my password to login, but due to the Multifactor link getting wiped out when in-store AppleCare unexpectedly replaced my phone, I have been locked out for over a week with seemingly no way to remedy the situation.

I’m only a month away from my three-year renewal date as well, and I was in the process of upgrading to VPS before then. Anybody know what steps to take next to fix this?

I assume that you’ve sent a request through the contact form. Be sure to check your spam folder, I’ve had support emails end up there, rarely but it’s happaned.

Someone from dreamhost should see this in the forum and will probably try to locate your contact form. You might also tweet @dreamhostcare – I’ve sometime had the sense that it is monitored more frequently than this forum.

FWIW, I had this problem to for the same reason. Before I got a response from support tho, I ultimately discovered that I had also set the authenticator app up on my iPad and had completely forgotten it was there. After you get thru this, set it up on a second device.

Bump! I also have the same problem =)

The reset Multifactor Authentication went like this:

First try:

Second try:

  • did all the same as in the first try
  • instead of a code generated by the mobile I do not have, I used one of the backup codes, as per: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/1187538?hl=en
  • It was not accepted. I tried another backup code, and entering it without space. Nothing worked =(

Third try:

  • I entered into Google “Dreamhost support”
  • Went to: https://www.dreamhost.com/support/
  • Choose “Who would you like to contact?” -> Tech Support
  • Got a message “If you’re already a DreamHost customer, please log in to your panel for support.”
  • I can not log in without my Multifactor Authentication

Fourth try:

Please, help.

In your third try, did you leave a message?

After I wrote a detailed description, which includes both places I posted in, you reply smugly to one of them by “duplicate post” and to the other by a suggestion that is obviously not working?

Please, stop trolling. Thank you.

Any official support around here to help me?

sdayman asked you if you left a message for DreamHost Tech Support because that’s the only possible way to get out of this issue.

  • Go to: https://www.dreamhost.com/support/
  • Choose “Who would you like to contact?” -> Tech Support
  • Ignore the part where it says ‘Login if you’re a customer’ because obviously you can’t login and explain you lost your phone where you had the MfA application setup.

Clicking ‘Contact tech support’ indeed did not lead me nowhere without being able to log in. I sent a message to another department from the menu and Tech Support finally contacted me and removed the second factor auth. Thank you.

NeedSupport is correct.

It may be hard to believe that the advice given by dreamhost staff in post #7 is mistaken.

It sounds good until you actually try it.

Try it, and you’ll see what I mean.

If you are not able to access the panel.

  • Go to: https://www.dreamhost.com/support/
  • Choose “Who would you like to contact?” -> Other
  • Be sure to include details about the issue an email you have access to so our account verification team can assist further.

Matt C