Unable to install passenger

I have been trying to set up a nodejs server for a few days now. First I tried on a shared hosting, but switched to VPS because thats better apparently. So I have tried to install passenger so I can run on port 80/443 but am unable to use apt-get. Does this mean that I am unable to run nodejs apps on port 80/443? Is there any way I can run my nodejs app on port 80/443?

On VPS you can serve your app on any port and set up nginx as a reverse proxy to point at the port the app is transmitting on.

Passenger should work, 'tho. Did you select it in Panel when setting up the domain?

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Ok thanks. I used the proxy and that works. Passenger doesnt which was wierd though, I had it checked and everything, but whatever its working now. Thanks!

nginx is likely more efficient, so if it’s working you’re golden.

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