Unable to install IPB

I’ve been at this all day… I can not seem to get IPB installed. It makes it to step 8 and then tosses up an internal server error. Error.log shows premature end of script headers. At one point I got it to install on one of my test domains but I can’t figure out what I did to replicate it again. I’ve tried 2 different versions and it always ends the same.

I have tried every version of PHP available and it has not made a difference. The only thing that does not meet the recommendations is MySQL which is 4.x and 5.x is recommended.

Surely a forum as popular as this must be supported here?! What kind of crazy voodoo magic do I have to conjure to get this sucker installed?

A lot of the posts I’ve managed to find state the solution is to use the CLI php rather than CGI, but that is not an option.


EDIT: Figures, after I finally give up and post this… I refreshed the page about half a dozen times and it seems to have pushed through.