Unable to find wordpress install directory on my website


I am unable to find the wordpress install directory on my website. I FTP’ed into the website, but under the website name folder, I do not see the wordpress/wp folder. I also tried to move out to the root level, but still no luck. But from my website I can access the wp-admin. So it is installed somewhere, I just need to find out where. Can any one suggest where should I look.

I am also facing another issue. When I am trying to open my website, wordpress only shows up if I am logging in using https. If I try logging to http, it does not figure out what do to. I read online and found I could update the .htaccess file to redirect to https, but I am not sure how to update that. or where to find it in first place. Online suggestions were that it would be in the wordpress folder.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

A few things you should check:

  • make sure you’re connecting via SFTP with the proper user account
  • make sure you’re connecting to the correct host. You can use either your domain name or the server’s name

If you connect to the correct host with the correct username, you should see a directory named after your domain (unless you changed that) and if you cd into that, you’ll see the WordPress files.

It’s hard to be more precise without knowing exactly which domain you’re talking about, how exactly you tried to connect, etc.

More instructions are on the knowledge base article:

To add to what @smaffulli just said…

I suspect you’re using the wrong SFTP user. However your going to figure that out much faster by going to Manage Domains in the dreamhost panel. There you will want to look at the webhosting column to find a user name. That is the username you must be using to log into SFTP.

A note about ftp/SFTP: If you’re truly using ftp you should stop. Further for security you should check the “disallow ftp” box in the dreamhost panel (that is back on the “Manage Users” page (not manage domains). ftp is a 40 year old unsecure format that you should DISABLE for your user on the server. Always use SFTP instead.

Thank you for the suggestions. I always use SFTP for logging into FTP from FileZilla, with port 22. Following your suggestion, I’ll disallow FTP.

I found that the wordpress got installed on the domain with another user. so when I logged into FTP with the other user, I could see the wordpress folder there.

I think what happened is when I created the domain, I allowed it to create a default user (User B), then I went into manage domains and create a new user (User A) and made the User A primary for the domain. Now this is where I think things got messed up. How can I migrate Wordpress from User B to User A on the same domain? Is there a way? Or I would have to delete my site and recreate it?

I really appreciate the help.

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There is a way to do everything. I’m confused tho. In your initial post

So you have access to the wp-admin, and now we’ve located the files be served on the server. If you have access to the wp-admin the site itself should also be showing.

So what needs to be copied or re-created?

I understand that it was confusing now that I go back and read the message I typed. Apologies. Let me try to set it straight.

I was able to access the wp-admin via url, But I was not able to find the wordpress folder on the website when i was using User A. Then after talking to you guys, I found out that wordpress was associated with User B, which was auto generated.

I intend to delete the User B, but before that I need to move the association of wordpress to User A.

Does that make sense?

The question then is: is your site already populated? or is it just a newly installed WordPress?

If it’s the second, then the simplest thing to do is just go change the hosting back to the desired user and reinstall WordPress.

If you’ve spent a lot of time populating data, you could re-install WordPress using the same database, and then re-appply your theme and you should be back to normal.

Or if this is a heavily populated large existing blog, you could copy the files between the users a few ways, one is rsynch with the remote being the other user on the same machine.

Also, when you switch the user by editing the domain from “Manage Domains” in the Dreamhost panel it might give you the option to “move” the files to the destination user. I’m not sure if that option is present when the other user already exists, to be honest I’ve not tried doing it that way. I do know that if you change and are creating a new user at the same time it will give you the option to “move” the files to the destination user.

And unless they changed the language in the panel since i’ve seen the message it does use the word “move”, however it really means “copy”. The difference is after a successful “move” original file is deleted. Since a copy of the files is left behind this operation should really be called “copy”, not “move”.

Caveat: things can go wrong with copying between users, the most common thing being the username hard coded in a path in some file that was auto-generated. It’s not supposed to happen that way and WordPress core won’t do that. A plugin or theme might do some thing silly like that, although they shouldn’t do it that way.

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