Unable to display flash video


Hi, I am trying to put a flash video in my site through dream weaver. When I test the site on dreamweaver it works. When I upload it to dreamhost it does not. Is there a reason for this. I am inputing a progressive download video. I cant understand what this issue could be. I am a novice and do not know code. Please help.



What’s the URL of the page with the video? And what message are you getting that it’s not working?



The url is http://www.awakenedcinema.com/index-2.html
When I put the flash video it shows nothing where the video should be. Right now I am trying to put a quicktime video but still its not working


I don’t have a plug-in to view .mov installed, but one note is that when embedding content you have to make sure the path to the source is correct and that the requested source itself exists.

After loading your web page, view the source in your browser.

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Your source is a relative path to a subdomain on the server, and that’s not going to work. Try the full URL of http://streaming.awakenedcinema.com/test_video.mov

The http might not be correct, but I’m blanking on the URL on a streaming media server. It may be rtmp instead. I hope someone can help out with this.

Heck, you can probably drop in awakenedcinema.com/streaming/ (a new folder) and have it work. I stopped using streaming video because a) I never mastered streaming video, and b) I didn’t care if people downloaded the video.

Your Plugin Page URL is /awakenedcinema.com/index-2.html when it should be just index-2.html

I’d also avoid hyphens in file names and recommend that you use underscores instead. Sometimes a hyphen is interpreted as a flag delimiter for a command.