Unable to delete WebDAV directories

I have an old domain that is not in use anymore and I have stopped hosting it and removed it from my Dreamhost control panel. I have tried deleting the directory for it, but I get an error from the server: Permission Denied.

The directories are old WebDAV directories. Since I don’t have the domain hosted anymore, I can’t remove them from the control panel.

I’m using YummyFTP and have the “show Hidden Files” option on and can usually delete things like this, but these directories won’t go.

Does anyone have a solution for this?



I figured it out. Here’s what I did, in case someone else runs into the same problem.

I set up hosting for that old domain again and then created the WebDAV directories again with the same name as the old ones - to overwrite the old ones. Then I removed them in the control panel. This allowed me to FTP in and clear them out completely.

To explain why this was necessary: WebDAV directories are owned by the web server username, ‘dhapache’. This means a user on your account will not have permissions to delete the directory. One can coerce the system as above, or contact support. This also applies in the event you get a directory or file owned by ‘root’ or other unknown user.

:cool: [color=#6600CC]Atropos[/color] | openvein.org

Just had to work this out for myself too - re-added an old SVN repo and then removed it and deleted the remnants via SSH.

Thanks for the tip!