Unable to delete folders/files

I recently installed a version of Gallery I didn’t care for, and deleted it. But there is a folder and file I cannot delete, even though that folder is “empty”, and the file is the htaccess file (in fact, I cannot delete my other htaccess file I accidently put in the wrong place).

Any help?

I’m getting a 550 error? This is my log entry:

RMD setup
550 setup: Directory not empty
! Delete of setup failed.

The folder is empty, at least it is when I view it with my FTP client, and when I try to delete my .htaccess file, it says the file does not exsist.

you should be able to set your FTP client to show hidden files. Then you will be able to delet ethe directory, as it can now “see” the hidden fies making the folder indeed not empty.


In the case you cant select to view hidden files files in your software I would recommend moving the files and or folders to a “Dump folder”. Say, /$_Dump or whatever you want to call it.

I know it might be of a inconvenience to have several files in your site that cant be deleted, in your case one.

If all else fails and you cant view the hidden .htaccess or other hidden files, I would say contact support and they shouldnt mind taking care of this for you.

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Chances are that there is usually still a hidden file(usually an .htaccess file) located in that folder so it will not allow you to delete it. An easy way to resolve this is enable hidden file viewing inside your FTP software.

If you dont use FTP software then you can open an FTP session through DOS. Login, drill down to the folder and delete any left over hidden files inside. THis is very simple to complete,and there is lots of help on google if you need assistance with command line ftp.