Unable to create new shell account for user

when i signed up with dreamhost, they chose a shell/ftp/mail account. that user was created with a proper mailbox login name (ie not one of those m##### names).

i went to create a second account for myself. i absentmindedly went to Mail->Manage Email and created an account. sadly, it created a mailbox with a randomly generated m#####.

i sent myself a test email, but couldn’t download it because i kept trying to use the actual user name.

that was when i realized that it was only a mailbox and not a full account. i deleted the account and recreated it, receiving the same problem. i looked in the wiki and it says that users can be created without the m##### if the user is created with ftp/shell/mail via Users->Manage Users.

so i went there and attempted to create a user with the same name as the mailbox i just deleted. it would not let me!

it error reads:

“* Our apologies, the username you picked is already being used in our system! Please choose another.”

i waited a few days thinking maybe dreamhost needed a little time before clearing out this deleted username. but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

it will be really really annoying if i can’t recreate a full user using the same name. suggestions?


Yeah, it’s always frustrating when you can’t get the use name you want because someone else is already using it. It might help you to understand what is happening in your case to know that the “name” associated with that m****** mailbox is not really a “user” name - the “user” is m******, and the name is just associated with it.

While users have to unique across a group of servers, the “names” associated with a mailbox do not have to be. Therefore, it really doesn’t make any difference whether the user name for a mail user is m****** or something else to the use of a “name” on the email account or in an email address; it only makes a difference at login time if you log-in with the user name (you can also log in to email on DH with an email address!)

In your case, it appears that someone has the username you want to use already in use. Just pick a different name, set up the user, and create email address to use with it. Once that is done, you can use the email address to login (you can always use the panel to “remember” the actual user name if you should want to use it later and you forget it.


this is what i figured. :frowning: i checked in /home/ it see if /home/tony/ exists and it doesn’t. so i’m guessing the person is on a different server that’s linked to the one i’m on.

if i want just a mailbox, i know i can get mail at tony@…, but i require ssh and sftp as well. having to remember m##### is just a pain. i don’t see why they can’t set up their servers in such a way that the same user login can be used with different domains. it seems like they have dynamic links to their servers in /home/.

thank for the reply.

No problem. “Tony” is a pretty commonly encountered name, so it’s not all that surprising it is in use. Of course there is another way to go about it: Just set up a user “tonyrocks”, or “supertony”, etc. and go from there - it’ll get you around the m###### login, and you can set all the M###### mail user you want later :wink: