Unable to create instances

Since dreamhost had unfortunate idea of eliminating the vps root server access, before changing provider, I decided to try the cloud computing system and just start I had my first problem. I must say that I have some experience with this new technology And what happens to me is the following:
If when I create my instance I did not assign any network the instance is created correctly, but if I assign a network (the only one created by default), is not create anything and network tab is red.

I have scrupulously followed the Getting Started Guide and says nothing about having to change anything on the network or create any subnets, at least to this point.

You could give me a hand?
My user is luiser5
Thank you

Sorry to hear of the problems. We create a default network and router for you automatically, so you will just need to create an instance as shown in the getting started guide:

That will create an instance with both private ipv4 networking and public ipv6 networking. Once that is up, you can assign a public ipv4 address (what we call a floating ip) and it will be accessible that way too.

I’m unfamiliar with the red network tab that you mention, but if you want to submit a ticket with specific instructions on how to reproduce that issue I can provide further details.

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Sorry to hear of the problems. We create a default network and router for you automatically, so you will just need to create an instance as shown in the getting started guide:

That will create an instance with both private ipv4 networking and public ipv6 networking. Once that is up, you can assign a public ipv4 address (what we call a floating ip) and it will be accessible that way too.

Thanks for your quick response.
This is the tutorial that I have followed. Now I tried to create it again and it worked. I think it was a dreamhost problem, because the tab no longer networling out the list of networks to drag and drop instead you private network and a check box.
Have you changed anything?
Thanks again.

Bad news :frowning:

Error: Failed to launch instance “Webs”: Please try again later [Error: Build of instance b4b30570-cecf-4b11-929d-ab1023265905 aborted: Failure prepping block device.].

I have deleted and re-created and reproduced the original error, red Network tab and drag and drop again active. Again there is no instance created.


By chance have you already allocated all of the volume space you can?

I haven’t seen a red network tab ever though, I /have/ seen a red pie chart that has said I’ve allocated all of my floating IP’s though (even if they’re not all allocated) When this happens I am still able to allocate the floating IP’s I should be able to, just the dashboard is a bit wonky.

If you have already created a volume, you can boot from the volume, or delete the volume and try again.

For adding the floating IP though, remember you do that after the instance is launched. The network tab when you launch an instance can be left as default, that is just the virtual router your servers are connected to. After you have associated a floating IP you should be able to SSH into your instance!

Hey there:
Has created a volume of 80 gigabytes, I tried to instantiate with him and not working. I deleted it and repeated the process from an image of ubuntu, both with 80 giga to create the volume (total of my space) and various smaller sizes, same result. Finally I tried to create a volume from an image of ubuntu and then create the instance with that volume and not work either.
I think the better I forget cloud computing, because clearly I’m not made for her. :slight_smile:

Note:I have understood that the floating IP is assigned when the instance is created, so I have no way to prove that, because my instance is not created

Dont give up!

Let me walk through my menu to show you exactly what to do, I will edit this post in a few minutes!

So start fresh, delete your volumes and follow the numbers.

  1. Sign into Dreamcompute Dashboard.

  2. Select “Instances” Tab.

3)Click “Launch Instance”

4)Select the dropdown menu under "Instance Boot Source"
Select “Boot from Image (creates a new volume)”

5)Fill in the “Instance Name”

6)Click on the “Access and Security” Tab, select a keypair.

7)Click “Launch”

  1. Now the Dashboard should say something like “scheduling the creation of xzy123” and the box should be green around the text.

Now you should be able to see your instance being scheduled and initialized, after it is running, click on the drop down menu on the right of your instance and select “Add floating IP”

I think we might live on opposite sides of the planet so if it doesn’t work let me know, I will check back often to make sure you can get up and running. You can do it!

I see that you omit the step of adding the network is just the step that fails me, it is that it is not necessary?

I followed your steps and created right the instance, I can even connect to ssh, but I still have clear that proper configuration is set, because as I’ve indicated, we’re skipping a step in the tutorial (add network). Maybe the official tutorial is wrong?. Because it is when the network is created when not working.

I’m glad to hear you can connect!

In the tutorials pictures you can see the top says “Selected Networks”, this is the virtual router you are allocated with your account! If you had more than one virtual router available then you would see another option in the “Available Networks”, but since you only have one it is assumed that you want to use that one. And in reality you do not need more than one, so it is ok that you do not have to do anything in that tab.

If you can SSH into your instance then all is well, and you have done everything correctly so far!

OK thank you very much.
Now I have to fight with LAMP and I have problems, the service msqld does not start :slight_smile:
I will continue investigating, thank you very much for everything and a hug.

Try to hack through your troubles!

I have to take off for the day now (I don’t work for dreamhost), but I will check up in the morning to see if you are having problems. One thing I might suggest is when you ask for help when trying to set up a server is that you should first state your end goal. “I want to host a blog, I want to host a website, I want to install _____ and here is my error: (Put Error Here)”. This will allow somebody else to chime in with their experience since they’ve probably tried to do that thing and might have even seen that error before. The more information you can get to the people trying to help you the better!

Also be direct! Everybody has received help so don’t be ashamed to ask for assistance if you’ve tried what you can and are really stuck. I also recommend reading the manual for every piece of software you want to use, you don’t have to memorize it but you should be familiar enough with the documents that you can refer to them when you do have an issue. If you have further problems feel free to post here.

I thought you dreamhost technician was therefore doubly thank you for your help.
I will continue to test, as there are many more things that also configure the database and what not resolve, I will be posting here in detail, as you suggest. However, this will be a school for me, because I’m not sure I can give a final production use since from what I’ve read, this system does not allow a mail server and therefore have to pay two services if I want to keep my current mail server and that does not convince me.
I said, thank you very much for everything: Luis.

No problem!

In my experience it is best to let somebody else handle your email. The problem with hosting your own email is you have to constantly be watching to make sure your messages get sent, if you do not watch 24/7 you might not know that your email servers IP is blacklisted. It is possible to use Google Email with your domain though, this is what many many people including most universities do. Google will still let you have a Luis@luisswebsite.com address so nobody else will know but your email problems are now googles problems.

You might have an IP that somebody else used to spam email in the past, and then even though it wasn’t your fault your emails still might be blacklisted.

Just my opinion, if you do it for knowledge by all means enjoy! And dreamhost are hesitant to offer technical advice because they do not want to be blamed for errors, they used to offer a managed service though which they could do most of what you need for you (And you still have direct control).

The problem is that dreamhost not include mail service and you have to hire other.
For mail gmail, I think limiting outgoing mail to 300 a day and I do not like. I have a small social network and sometimes I send emails to all my users.
PD: I solved my problem with mysql, apparently had installed MySQL and MariaDB and had conflicts, now I’m fighting whith phpadmin :slight_smile: