Unable to connect via SSH


I am getty real slow server response from the web panel and am unable to connect to my server via SSH. I am getting “Server unexepectedly closed network connection” from PuTTY to cienega.dreamhost.com

This is ridiculous!!! Anybody else know of a good host that offers PHP/PHP-CGI/PHP 4 & 5 as well as SSH access??



Have you enabeled shell access for that user? Before you can connect with putty, the user has to be allowed access from the Panel > Users > Manage > Edit > Check box for shell access.



Thanks Matttail for the response. Yes, I’d been on SSH last night and this morning. Then things just stopped working after a few connect attempts. I emailed support about it and they responded that my IP had been blacklisted and that they would add it to their whitelist. I’ve tried several times since just to connect (no login prompt yet) and I’m still getting a connection dropped failure.

If anyone knows of other web hosts that are even remotely comparable to DH (in terms of ssh access, php5, PHP-CGI), I am interested to know.