Unable to connect to database AND FTP

Been having problems on and off since the bumpy renewal (due on the 26th January this year) finally the whole site was nuked by a mysterious database connection issue that gives this message: #2013 - Lost connection to MySQL server at ‘reading authorization packet’, system error: 0 when I try to login via MyPHP Admin.

I’ve submitted two support requests so far, no responses as of yet. Anyone out there with any suggestions as to what I can do?

Most probably a connectivity issue between the web server and MySQL server.

If you want to try to give it a kick in the guts while waiting for Support to get back to you (and in case it isn’t a connectivity issue) you could try connecting via a different hostname or altering the user that has access and then alter it back in hopes that it refreshes “something, somewhere”.

Goodies > MySQL Databases – click users with access then the Modify [user] now button.

Thanks for the suggestion! Still gives the same “Database connection error” on the Wordpress install tho :frowning: Site’s been down for four hours now with no word from support…

What’s your domain? I can take a look and see if it’s something simple, but your account here isn’t connected to your DreamHost panel account, so I can’t just cheat and peek.