Unable to connect since server change

I have been unable to connect to Dreamhost to update my website since the server was changed. I use dreamweaver CS3. I changed the FTP host to :wizards.dreamhost.com, but still no luck. any suggestions?

Use example.com (your actual domain), not the machine name. And make sure your user account still has FTP enabled.


In Dreamweave site manager:
changed FTP host to my domain name.
no luck.
Changed it to domain name.com.dreamhost.com
no luck.
The FTP option is still selected.
Where on the user account at dreamhost do I check to see if the FTP is enabled?

[color=#00CC00]Panel > Users > Manage Users[/color]

  • Click Edit next to the username in question

  • Take a look at the User Account Type: setting (I always recommend using SFTP)

  • Click [color=#0000CC]Save changes[/color] (even if you haven’t changed anything) :wink:

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

Do the “Setting up Dreamweaver” instructions on wiki.dreamhost, also apply for setting up Dreamweaver CS3 to connect to dreamhost remote server since the servers were changed. Maybe I need to reset Dreamweaver for the new servers. If this doesn’t work, is there a process to just reset the dreamhost account from the beginning?

The instructions above refresh the account on DreamHost’s end.

Is your domain resolving for you in a browser?
Have you tried connecting DW3 to a different user account?

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

I thought I was getting close yesterday. Went through the wiki dreamhost and followed the instructions for setting up dreamweaver. I loaded dreamweaver onto a different PC and copied the website over to the new pc. Used the instructions for setting up dreamweaver from Wiki.dreamhost. Opened up Drammeaver and found the connection to the remote site, where it listed all the files. ftp://site name.com.
So I think the laptop is connecting to the remote server now, but when I try to use the connect to remote site button on Dreamweaver on the Site Panel, it doesn’t want to connect so that I can download the new updates.
The website tests ok in the browser preview.

I feel like I’m getting closer now, and appreciate all your help.