Unable to connect over svn+ssh

Hey all, I have a question. I can currently connect to my subversion repo just fine using the http://@. However, when I try to use the more secure svn+ssh://@ I get a repository doesn’t exist (when all I changed was http to svn+ssh). Now I can login to ssh all day long, and I can even scp stuff over to my domain. Not sure what’s going on, any suggestions? I read through the dreamhost subversion wiki and it says you can do it, so I’m not sure where I’m going wrong?

^Bump. Does no one know how to do this? Is this actually working for anyone or are you all just using the http? I’d really like to know b/c svn + ssh is much more secure.

Very true, but I’ve not tried to do it with dreamhost. Sorry, I dropped back to CVS when they were stuck on SVN 1.1x. That I do through SSH…

Have you seen this incredibly tiny reference http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/Subversion#Using_svn.2Bssh

Note that the users configured through the panel won’t be used for authentication. You will probably also want to use keyed authentication so you don’t have to use a password all the time.


Ok so i found out what my problem was. By default dreamhost stores your files in ~/svn/. So it has too be formatted as so (example): svn co svn+ssh://myuser@example.foobar.com/home/myuser/svn/projectname
this will make it so that you can sync up. It was a stupid mistake b/c I had made a directory under my home and just assumed it had used it for my repo, but it didn’t.

Glad to hear it’s working!