Unable to change mail password


I reformatted my machine last night, and I didn’t have my mail password written down. No biggie, I thought… I’ll just sign into the control panel and change the password to something I know. That was eight hours ago, and the password still doesn’t work. I’ve since tried changing it three times, once letting the system choose a new - random - password, and still I can’t access my mail.

Has anyone ever had this problem? I submitted a ticket, but that was hours ago, and in typical DreamHost fashion I’m not expecting a response before Tuesday. I need to access my email. Help!


I have this problem too! I thought it was a glitch on my part. If you get this resolved, please post here :slight_smile: Thanks!


If you look in the support history section you should see all the emails sent from the DreamHost system including email account setups giving your username and password, should you forget the password again. :slight_smile:



I have to give DH credit… they got it resolved quicker than I’m used to (about ten hours). Here’s the response I got:

"I’m sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. It seems to be an
issue with the email account itself. I manually reconfigured all your
email accounts, and it seems to have fixed the problem. You should be
able to access your email account with no problems now.

Please let me know if run into further problems."