Unable to Boot CoreOS

Following these instructions I’m unable to boot CoreOS on dreamcompute. This works on other OpenStack providers.

I am able to load the image via glance and launch an instance but when the image comes up, I see via the console that is unable to boot. Relevant errors:

Boot failed: not a bootable disk

… boot attempts from pxe, floppy, etc …

No bootable device.

1870c5b0-0f27-467e-952c-c398c0f495a9 is the image in question.

It seems like this is because the OpenStack image is QCOW2 and while DreamCompute’s glance lets you load in that image format, you are unable to boot it.

Does DreamCompute plan to support QCOW2 in the future?

Hi Shady, you’re right in that DreamCompute doesn’t support the QCOW2 format. The reason for that is because we’re using Ceph as our storage backend and it doesn’t support QCOW2. Instead, you can use the raw format.

Internally, we’re using veewee to build images - https://github.com/jedi4ever/veewee and have our definitions in github, including CoreOS - https://github.com/dreamhost/veewee-definitions

Also, it’s pretty easy to convert an image to raw using qemu-img convert

Thats what I did, then I found out their coreos_production_image.bin.bz2 is actually RAW and can be loaded directly (after uncompressing).

I was just intertested in compressed image formats, as with OSs like CoreOS that update very frequently, loading a couple hundred megs instead of 4.5GB is preferred :slight_smile: