Unable to Access Website hosted by Dreamhost

Hello! I am trying to access the site kobold.club, and found that Dreamhost is hosting it.

From within my network, I cannot reach this site. I’m not experiencing any other outages or service problems. I’m able to access any other website I can think of, and there are no special settings on my router. It’s a simple comcast wireless router.

All devices in my homenetwork cannot access this website. I’ve tried using two different desktops, a laptop, and my cell phone. All timeout.

However, if I connect my laptop to my company’s VPN, I can access the site just fine. If I disconnect my cell from my WiFi and use mobile, I can access the site just fine. If I plug any of the two desktops into my VPN I can access it just fine.

If I tracert from my computer, I get comcast hops, then atlas.cogentco hops, then the last hop I get is Dreamhost, Then I get timeouts.

It’s like I’ve been banned from the site, but I have no reason to believe that to be the case. Dreamhost is just refusing any requests by my network for this website.

Any help would be appreciated.

It appears that a firewall on DH’s end is blocking your connection at the IP level for some reason. There was another poster recently who had a similar complaint and I’ve noticed being server blocked for short periods if I try to login to an account with a mistyped password. Have you recently been working in shell or otherwise doing something that might trigger an automated block?

Dreamhost emailed me this morning. My IP was indeed being blocked for some reason. I spoke with the site owners prior to talking to Dreamhost, and they had no reason to block my IP, in fact they weren’t even aware they could.

Dreamhost unblocked me and I can access the website again.

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