Unable to access site unless using proxy

I purchased a domain through Name.com and picked up hosting here, obviously. I’ve followed all the instructions via email and from the Live Chat support but I’m unable to visit my site through any web browser unless I’m going through a proxy like kproxy or hidemyass (suggestions given to me from Live Chat reps).

If I visit my site using those services, it works fine but as soon as I type the URL in my browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE) I just get a gray screen with Sponsored and Related Links. [domain.com]/wp-admin/install.php and [domain.com]/wp-login.php only work through those proxies as well.

Live Chat stated they did not know the cause of this and would greatly appreciate the help as it’s coming up on 24 hours with this problem.

Thank you.

It sounds like you could have malware in your computer, scan your hard drive with an antivirus.

I am under the assumption that you are running some version of Windows on the computer you are trying from. Have you tried using a different computer? Even if you don’t have another PC or Laptop have you tried from a smartphone (if you have one)? If this same thing only happens on your one system, it is probably something with that system. Perhaps the hosts file got altered.

Happens when I try it from multiple smartphones on my network. If I switch over to 3G/LTE it works just fine so I don’t think it has anything to do with my computer specifically.

I’ve tried it from multiple smartphones and it works when on 3G/LTE but not when I’m connected to my WiFi network.

It sounds to me like your ISP has a 404 redirect. In other words, if the sites not found your ISP instead produces an “error” page of “helpful links”.

In the case of the original problem, this just means the DNS hasn’t yet propagated, or you haven’t set the nameservers correctly or something. DNS changes do take time usually about 4 to 8 hours but sometimes 12 or 24 or longer (up to 72 hours). If this is still a problem and you can post the actual domain name I’ll check your settings from what is publicly available. You can also use https://www.whatsmydns.net/ to watch propagation.