Unable to access phpMyAdmin from Dreamhost

I have a dreamhost account for a domain but the www. site is hosted on another host and one subdomain is hosted on dreamhost. I get instructions that to use phpMyAdmin I have to use the mysql. subdomain but when I use that URL it takes me to the main site and of course the page is not found.
If I attempt to create a mysql. subdomain it tells me it is already there and I can’t change it. How can I do this? I need to import tables to the database.

If you need to connect to a dreamhost DB from outside dreamhost you will need to whitelist the IP of the machine that needs to make the connection.

Go here: https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=goodies.mysql&
and click in the “users with access” name and you will find a box labeled “Allowable hosts”
Re-reading I think you have a differnt problem. I think it’s a DNS issue, where you have added hostnames via the panel but dreamhost is not the nameservers of record for the domain.

Try going to mysql.example.com/dh_phpmyadmin/mysql.example.com/

Thanks! You saved my life!