Unable to Access FTP and Mail

I transferred domains almost 24 hours ago and jumped through all the required hoops. Although I received account activation messages for FTP and Mail, I am still not granted access to either. This would not be a problem except that I am no longer receiving messages through my old host. I am also unable to access webmail (error message declares site cannot be found for URL) and am therefore have no idea what client messages I’m missing.

Am I expecting too much, too soon??? I assumed my accounts would be valid once I received the activation messages, but that has not proven to be true. Any advice or suggestions are MUCH appreciated! Thanks!


It can take 2 or 3 days for the DNS to propogate through the world, give it a couple of days then check again.


Thanks. That’s what I was afraid of. Losing two or three days of business messages is not good, but I did forewarn everyone and asked them to use an alternate. I’ll go back to waiting.

Thanks for your info!! I cannot upload files via FTP even using the host server. I’ve tried … repeatedly.

Dreamhost support says it may take 2-3 days, so I’m patiently waiting.