Unable to access a site hosted by Dreamhost

Hello! I am trying to access the site kobold.club, and found that Dreamhost is hosting it.

From within my network, I cannot reach this site. I’m not experiencing any other outages or service problems. I’m able to access any other website I can think of, and there are no special settings on my router. It’s a simple comcast wireless router.

All devices in my homenetwork cannot access this website. I’ve tried using two different desktops, a laptop, and my cell phone. All timeout.

However, if I connect my laptop to my company’s VPN, I can access the site just fine. If I disconnect my cell from my WiFi and use mobile, I can access the site just fine. If I plug any of the two desktops into my VPN I can access it just fine.

If I tracert from my computer, I get comcast hops, then atlas.cogentco hops, then the last hop I get is Dreamhost, Then I get timeouts.

It’s like I’ve been banned from the site, but I have no reason to believe that to be the case. Dreamhost is just refusing any requests by my network for this website.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Srawlings,

ISPs pick up DNS data every day or two. Sometimes that process gets corrupted.

Either wait for your ISP to update this, or you could purge the dns cache on your machine to get the latest update…

On Windows 10:

  1. Right Click on the Start Icon.
  2. Click on Command Prompt.
  3. In the prompt screen type in:
    ipconfig / flushdns
  4. Press ENTER.
  5. After confirmation, type in:

This will only help if the dns cache is the problem. Good luck.

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It could just be a temporary routing problem. Is the problem still there (12 hours later)?

That site’s shared server (carnation.dreamhost.com) appears to be in DH’s east-coast datacenter. Are you able to ping other servers there, like nicholas-gilman.dreamhost.com?


Yeah unfortunately, I’ve been having this problem for weeks. Also, keyplyr, if it were a dns issue, the problem wouldn’t persist across multiple devices. This even happens on my phone.

Just for the SnG’s I flushed on my desktop which did not resolve the problem.


I cannot ping nicholas-gilman.dreamhost.com or carnation.dreamhost.com

What could that mean?

No, you said all those devices are using your home network (your ISP)

That VPN likely uses a different route.

Regardless, as habilis said, there are often failures in the path from your home network (your ISP) and your web server. It happens all the time. This happens to your site visitors also, you just never see it.

There are usually a dozen or so hops (servers) from your ISP to your webserver. One or more of these is obviously failing (timing out) to relay your requests. This may be due to a few reasons, but we should always start at the source… your computer. That’s why I offered the suggestion to clear your dns cache.

Since you say that did not help, then the problem is somewhere else. Nothing to do but wait and hope the issue gets resolved. You could of course execute a traceroute to identify where the failure is, and contact that system admin and complain :slight_smile:

To perform a traceroute, follow steps I listed above, but in the prompt screen, instead type:

So that explains why this is likely happening… but you’ll still need to find a solution.

Bro, a flushdns only flushes cache for that device. So if multiple devices in the same subnet are experiencing the same issue, it’s extremely unlikely to be a dns cache problem, particularly if multiple OS are involved.

Yes, the VPN uses different routes. We IPSEC across several tunnels, and also my company is an ISP, so we have different BGP and OSPF configurations as well. My point with demonstrating that was to narrow down the problem to my provider or my network. A coworker was able to ping kobold.club using his comcast router, and he’s perhaps 10 miles from me. So something is preventing just me, or perhaps just my region, from reaching beyond Dreamhost.

Also… man I said in my post that I did a tracert and got multiple hops that make sense, but the last hop is here, Dreamhost. Then I get timeouts. The last IP hop I get is

That’s why I’m here. I don’t know who to contact here to submit a case. It appears you can only talk to technical support on this site if you are a customer, of which I am not.

Again, always start at the source… your computer, then your connection (ISP), then the path, and lastly the target (DH.)

You seem to have done this backwards. DH is not the issue as all the websites mentioned in this thread are accessible.

If you are adamant about talking to a DH admin, you can try using the contact form here

I am neither a dude nor a bro.

For someone asking for help, a more appreciative attitude might produce better results.

Topic closed.

It appears that a firewall on DH’s end is blocking your connection at the IP level for some reason. There was another poster recently who had a similar complaint and I’ve noticed being server blocked for short periods if I try to login to an account with a mistyped password. Have you recently been working in shell or otherwise doing something that might trigger an automated block?

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