My friend redirected his website to another (he lives in ireland) and he doens’t know how he did it. Now when we try to undo it, and make it its own website it wont. We use dreamweaver for the website and put the files in the ticlan.net folder so it SHOULD load fine. but when I go to the website, it still redirects. any suggestions on how to fix it?


Look for a htaccess file, it maybe hidden depending on how you access the website. An ftp program like FileZilla can see hidden files if set to do so in options.
Download a copy of the htaccess file to you computer, before you delete it. Just in case it has some rewrite rules or something you need.
Other than that, maybe a dns setting in the control panel.


If those don’t work, you might want to make sure it’s not something in the index page (meta refresh, Javascript redirect, PHP header(“Location: somewhereelse.com”), etc…).

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I had the same problem and what I did was simply set the domain to “full hosting”. That will delete the redirection.

Hope this helps.