UMLIMITED disk storage?


Hi, I know it’s not actually UNLIMITED but what’s the maximum disk storage a single shared hosting account can have before DH kicks him out?

I mean, there gotta be a point when DH can’t stand the shared hosting user’s disk usage that they would rather not host him any more.



Any shared users can give me some real numbers? There gotta be a shared user who’s using the most disk storage at DH, and I’m wondering of the amount of disk space he’s taking up without being banned…


I believe we’ve got a couple of shared hosting users using multiple terabytes of storage.

We will allow you to use quite a bit of storage, and may even move you to servers with additional storage to accomodate your needs, so long as it’s all being used as part of your web site (per our Unlimited Policy).


You will have more than enough disk spaces on a shared server in DH. By the time you need terabytes of storage, you would have been on a dedicated server.