Ultimate Ad Tracker

Is anyone using Wes Baylock’s The Ultimate Ad Tracker?

If so, what did you do get it working? The installation instructions are clear. However, I can’t get it to create the files required.

Thanks in advance,

Parts of the program seem to work after manually creating required files.

Now, I get a 500 error as well as a 404 error when a generated link is clicked.

Any help folks?


Had the same issue here. Finally quit using it. Good luck!

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So, do you use an online third party source such as adminder or have you found software that works with Dreamhost?

I really don’t want to pay a monthly fee.

Judging by your first two posts, I would guess it MAY be a permissions issue (i.e., the script does not have permission to write to the folder that it needs to), but I have never even heard of this script/app before.

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