UK members ~ payment gateways


As a UK business, I was wondering if there are any other people (web devs?) here who have experience with payment processors… companies like Worldpay, Sagepay, Secure Trading…

I’m looking to accept the big credit cards (visa, mastercard etc) but since I don’t have any experience working with these companies I’m looking to find any recommendations.



I am also interested.

And can you tell me what is the easiest company to set up to be allowed to open a merchant account with a bank ?

Thank you.

Basically I been working with one company and it’s been a right pain in the ass! Hoping another credit card merchant will be much better.

Which one did you work with ?

elavon / secure trading / trust wave

Stripe is currently in beta for businesses in the UK. May be worth requesting an invite and giving it a shot.

If you’re accepting payments for physical goods, there’s also Amazon Payments.

(Neither I nor DreamHost have any business relationship with Stripe or Amazon Payments — but I’ve heard good things about both services, so I figured I’d mention them.)