UK based hosting

Without sounding like an Apprentice candidate, I would like to see servers in the UK/Eastern Europe. Many other hosting providers are already offering or starting to offer this and I think DreamHost could attract a significant market share.

Most companies hosting in the UK/Eastern Europe attract customers from all over Europe. GoDaddy (bad example but they’re still a market leader) and even WP Engine (the glorified WordPress “professionals”) understood this and they’re making great advances.

I can understand that you may not be able to provide the same level of reliability but you could offer hosting at a slightly higher price to cover any overheads ( not too high :slight_smile: ). Name Cheap is doing this and they offer exactly what you offer (Steve Jobs’d you), minus the nice control panel (they use cPanel) but they’re not DreamHost. I won’t get the same level of support and I just don’t feel like they’re knowledgeable in this area like you.

Anyway, don’t be late to the party.

I think this is inevitable. This will happen but will take time. I think they still need to consider a lot of things before taking the plunge though. I guess what we can do right now is to wait. But +1 here.