Ugh. RegisterFly flops


I just signed up for a year of DreamHost’ing. I’m looking forward to using the services as quickly as possible.

I’ll be brief. My domain ( was registered years ago @ RegisterFly. This morning I tried to update my nameservers to the DreamHost NS through the RegisterFly control panel. No dice. Bad username/password or some crap (note: no username/password prompts are at that particular stage).

End goal: transfer registration to DreamHost.

I do need to have my DNS updated with RegisterFly first, though, right?

Oh, and this is comforting:
“eNom has taken away registerfly’s domain selling license.”

Help? Please?

It seems that you do indeed need to to change the DNS settings before you can transfer the domain (no idea what happens if you try to transfer the domain first). Unfortunately, there isn’t really anything we can do to help you (you can contact support [panel] and see if they have any suggestions). I would recommend talking to RegisterFly or Enom support, since the DNS change has to come from that end.
Very little to do with either emus or farmers!

I don’t think you have to change the name servers before the transfer, although it’s generally a good idea to do so. As long as the contact email listed for the domain is correct, then you should be able to transfer it (you might also need the auth code for the domain).

Having said that, I’ve had problems with transferring a domain from RegisterFly in the past, the transfer went through eventually, but they seemed to delay the process for as long as possible. :frowning:

Good luck.


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No, there is no need to change where the DNS is pointing before you transfer registrars. Select the company that you want to use as your new registrar (can be dreamhost or any other accredited registrar) and initiate a domain transfer with them. If register fly is no longer an accredited registrar I don’t know exactly how the process will work or how long it till take, but you should still be able to accomplish it within a few days.

–Matttail - personal website

Thanks for the feedback, and sorry for wasting space on this board with another company’s issues.

At any rate, I was bright enough to use Whois protection…which does NOT list my email in billing/contact/technical/etc. I need to get that done first, then move my registration, right?

Thanks again,


That depends, if the email address that is listed forwards to your own email address, then you should be OK. Basically, you need to receive the confirmation email that will be sent to that email address.

I recently transferred a domain to DreamHost that had WHOIS privacy and, even though the contact email address listed was supposed to forward to one of my email addresses, I never received the transfer confirmation email. Only by disabling the WHOIS privacy and re-submitting the transfer request did I receive the confirmation email.


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dude, i’m screwed.

registerfly hasn’t responded to anything. even with my bounty of rollover minutes, i don’t have the minutes sit in their hold queue for an “estimated wait time of 45 minutes.” by the registerfly conversion rate, that translates into an incomprehensible metric number, i’m sure.

eNom also has washed their hands of this.

i haven’t dealt with registrars enough to know if i have any other options or higher authorities to go to. i’m assuming not, especially since my name doesn’t appear anywhere in the whois (thanks to whois protection).


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I was reading a few posts over at at it seems that enom (as you said above) has taken control of these domains. I suspect that they are overwhelmed with support requests right now.

I would recommend that you try and transfer your domain to the new registrar that you want. Lots of the systems for domain transfers are automated and there’s a chance you’ll be able to move away from registrerfly. If not, all that happens is that you get an E-mail that the transfer couldn’t go through.

If that doesn’t work, send an E-mail off to enom and be prepared to wait a week or so to get a reply. I suspect that your domain is not lost though, have hope. :slight_smile:

–Matttail - personal website

thanks. the hope will live on.

in the meantime, is it possible for me to access my webspace without my domain associated with it? i know i’m on schweppes, but i didn’t go with the super bling gimmie-an-ip package.

thanks. you guys are the best :wink:

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Absolutely! You can probably find all the info you need to do this in this DH Wiki Article on viewing your site before DNS changes, which gives you a couple of different ways to accomplish this. Good luck, and I hope it all gets sorted for you soon. :slight_smile:


Thanks again for the help.

For whatever it’s worth, the good folks at eNom (the ICANN wholesaler RegisterFly went through) were able to help me transfer away from RegisterFly.

If anyone finds this thread in the near future, complete the following steps and email elida–at__enom-d0t-com.
So that we may get this domain restored for you, please do the

Note: this process only works for domains that are registered
with eNom the Registrar. You can find which registrar manages your
domain at

  1. Go to and create an eNom account, here you will
    establish an enom account.

  2. email a screenshot from within your RegisterFly account showing the
    domain, so that we may verify domain ownership

  3. email a copy of your photo ID (Driver’s license)

  4. email your eNom login ID, (The one you created on

Note: Please include your domains in text format in the email, along
with the screenshot so that we may expedite your request.

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I can confirm that this method works, although I actually went through support (AT) enom dot com and sent this to the person that replied.

I’ve rescued over 50 domains - still only 100 to go! has the lowdown on all that’s going on (if you believe them all!).

The ICANN site has a blog that gives details of what is going on as well and is probably the best authorative source.