Ubuntu Upgrade - what's improved?

What gets better? or Faster? or Added?

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Since DreamHost builds the most common packages, there isn’t much new to see for the vast majority of customers. Linux kernel, PHP interpreters, Apache, nginx, SSH, SSL and many more pieces of the hosting software infrastructure are built directly by DreamHost so in most cases you’ve had the latest versions already.

The upgrade has given DreamHost engineers an easier way to build newer versions of these packages though, so expect more announcements soon.

More details on this Knowledge Base article.

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Thanks for explaining.

Now hopefully shared customers can get the upgrade we want… Apache 2.4+ to support HTTP/2

Just noticed after upgrade my site is displaying errors. They are associated with the security cert (LetsEncrypt)

One error is when FileZilla sftp connects, the error says something about the handshake not being secure and warns about attack possibilities.

Another error is shown to my site visitors when they load my pages, saying something about WebGP didn’t load do you want to continue. This message comes from the “Secure” dialog in the address bar.

Hard to tell what’s going on from the forum, sorry. Probably an IP changed or something like that (what’s the exact error you see?) Would you please open a ticket and let us know what the resolution is?

Can’t remember either of the exact wording used, sorry. Once I accepted the option to ignore each one, I don’t see them any longer.

I’m hoping the issue was temporary and resolved. I’ll ask some friends if they see any warnings. If so, I’ll file a support ticket, thanks.

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