Uber uploader

Hi guys n gals,

the owners of the site I am developing have switched form akiraweb to dreamhosts for various reasons…

Anyway I have uber upload scripts to provide a progress bar for file uploads so tehy don’t get bored while uploading videos and songs.

I was kind of hoping this would just work from the off - but clearly there is something I need to do. The code is fine - its been working planty - but after a coupel of test runs that failed I ran the script via the browser and the source was being displayed momentarily.

I am a php developer and have not really used perl to any length previously so I would really appreciate some help on this one…

I don’t know what the problem is nor how to find out so if anyone could be so kind of a few pointers I would be most greatful…

Just let me know what info I need to give out…

Cheers peeps.

Hmmm. Now who do we know who’s an expert at uber uploader? Hmmm. :slight_smile:

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That sounds strange indeed… usually it either “works” or it just doesn’t … and why it would work at one point and then start displaying code instead of running the code is stranger still.

I’d be happy to look into it for you, but I can’t do it right away (leaving for a function in a few minutes). There is some additional info that is needed to be able to see what is happening:

  1. What is the url where the issue can be demonstrated/re-created?

  2. Are any .htaccess files involved?

  3. what are the permissions set on the various files that make up uber uploader, and the directories in which they are installed?

  4. What paths are you using for the install?

I’ll try to look at it much later tonight, or early tomorrow if I get the chance, but if you post that info, others may also be able to help (maybe that “expert” that lensman ws talking about!).

Finally, you may find some help in other threads on these forums, as uber-uploader installation on DreamHost has been discussed here a few times before.


If you contact me on msn (toonmariner@hotmail.com) or googletalk (toonmariner@gmail.com0 I’ll show you all I can.

The site is not live to the public yet so I’d have to add you to a list of permitted viewers.

There is a .htaccess file involved


Options +FollowSymlinks
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^rss/(.)? rss/$1 [NC,L]
RewriteRule ^tmp/(.
)? tmp/$1 [NC,L]
RewriteRule !.(gif|jpg|png|css|pdf|eps|mpg|mpeg|mp4|mp3(.)?|flv(.)?|mov|swf(.)?|js|php(.)?|htc|pl(.*)?|pm)$ index.php [NC,L]

permissions on the folders and files are 755

path to the file is /cgi-bin/uu_upload.pl

if there is anymore infomation I can give please state as such

PS I did monito the uploads on teh old server and it created a .params file in the tmp upload dir ( /tmp ) just looking at the php config and there is no value set for teh temp upload directory - could that be an issue?. I don’t think it explains wy the pl file is not being parsed as a script though.

Again very much appreciate any help you can offer.

If you want me to be able to see the condition, you can send me appropriate credentials via the “Send Private” function of of this forum.

[quote]There is a .htaccess file involved… cotents…

RewriteRule ^tmp/(.*)? tmp/$1 [NC,L]
… [/quote]
This line could be an issue, depending upon how you have configured uber-uploader.

You permissions look fine.

If when you refer to the “php config” you mean the “uu_default_config.pm” (or whatever you have subsequently renamed it to) it could indeed have a bearing on the problem.

Here is one tested and known working properly on DreamHost:

package uu_default_config;
use strict;
use Exporter;

@uu_default_config::ISA = qw( Exporter );
@uu_default_config::EXPORT = qw($config);

use vars qw($config);

$config = {
config_file_name => ‘uu_default_config’,
temp_dir => ‘/home/username/domain.tld/tmp/’,
upload_dir => $ENV{‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’} . ‘/uploads/’,
unique_upload_dir => 0,
unique_upload_dir_length => 16,
unique_file_name => 0,
unique_file_name_length => 16,
max_upload => 2000097152,
overwrite_existing_files => 0,
redirect_after_upload => 0,
redirect_url => ‘http://’ . $ENV{‘SERVER_NAME’} . ‘/uu_finished.php’,
redirect_using_js_html => 1,
redirect_using_html => 0,
redirect_using_js => 0,
redirect_using_location => 0,
delete_param_file => 1,
get_data_speed => 1000,
disallow_extensions => ‘(sh|php|php3|php4|php5|py|shtml|phtml|cgi|pl|plx|htaccess|htpasswd)’,
allow_extensions => ‘(jpg|jpeg|gif|bmp)’,
normalize_file_names => 1,
normalize_file_delimiter => ‘_’,
normalize_file_length => 32,
link_to_upload => 0,
path_to_upload => ‘http://’. $ENV{‘SERVER_NAME’} . ‘/uploads/’,
send_email_on_upload => 0,
html_email_support => 0,
link_to_upload_in_email => 0,
email_subject => ‘Uber File Upload’,
to_email_address => ‘email_1@somewhere.com,email_2@somewhere.com’,
from_email_address => ‘admin@yoursite.com’,


I’d have to reserve further comment on that until I see it happening. Generally speaking, only a mis configured Apache or an incorrect handler should result in that happening (if we are talking about the whole script being displayed instead of being run).

Have you checked your error logs after the behavior has occurred for clues as to what is going on? Apache reports encountered error conditions to it’s own error logs, and you should also look there for information if you experience unexpected behavior.



You are a genius! well you reminded me that I hadn’t changed the config file form the old one

it was the temp_dir that I ahd missed!!!

Thanks A LOT.

Good Deal! I was thinking that might have been the problem, and I’m really glad you got it sorted and working. It’s great when it all works, eh? :slight_smile:


Oh yeah - just gotta alter the scripts to use ffmpeg now - it currently uses mencoder, mplayer flvtool and all kinds of crap to do conversion, image from frame and length determination etc etc.

Still - feel free to add me on msn - I’m a php developer with some string (x)html, css, ajax shannianigans going on so if you ever need help I’d be more than happy to oblige - you scratched my back and all that!