U/L sitemap to my root directory folder


I generated a sitemap via XML-Sitemaps.com and I want to need to upload it my “root directory folder”.

I’ve done this once before, about a year ago, and I can’t remember how to do it, and the discussions here (and found via google) seem a bit too advanced for me :slight_smile:

What is the folder? And how can I find it? And then how can I upload the file?

I thought it was in Panel > Manage Domains > then click “edit” under “WebHosting” title, but I’m stuck.

Thanks for your help!



You can upload it using S/FTP.

The “root directory folder” will more likely than not be named like your domain (eg. domain.com)


Thanks. Anyone know how I can find S/FTP or otherwise employ it? I see an option for WebFTP under “Manage domains”.

WebFTP pops up a window entitled Connect to AjaXplorer and then asks for a host, a login and a password. It looks like I can choose the S/FTP protocol, but I’m pretty much lost from where it asks for a host.

Thanks for any further help.



I would suggest that you download and install a real S/FTP client on your computer.

There are quite a few listed in the Wiki: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Ftp#FTP_Client_Software


Just wanted to add, in case some other poor soul, who is a beginner and wants to add a site map finds this thread through search that I was able to access the webftp folder through:

cpanel > manage domain > webftp

location: mydomain [I kept trying to put an ftp addy - but the domain w/o www worked]
and then user/pass.

This is probably super simple stuff, but it had me stymied!

I then uploaded the site map into the general directory or “root domain” (which was indeed named mydomain.com as the user above helpfully indicated) and it worked!

If anyone else has the prob. I did (not likely!) I’m more than happy to help.


Thank you for offering
I wanted to find out if anyone knows how to include a sitemap in the root folder, without uploading (since my Weebly free hoster does not have the feature of uploading a sitemap) but using HTML maybe?

I know that for a site to be SE friendly it has to have a sitemap
They told me that mine is created automatically each time I publish a page or updated. But I cannot upload one into my root folder
However, do you or anyone know if it is necessary to upload it, for the crawler to see it?
or it will see it anyway, if it is created automatically, as they say?
They told me it is created at www.myname.com/sitemap.xml

Any feed back or input is so much appreciated
Thank you


I will point out that you’re not using our servers, if this is the case :wink:

Can you upload any files?