How is the support here for typo3? I may require:

  • GraphicsMagick (standalone) (ImageMagick will work, too)
  • GDlib/Freetype (compiled with PHP)
  • zlib (compiled with PHP)
  • Apache with mod_gzip/mod_rewrite

look at:

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Thanks =) but is it safe to assume imagemagick is working? my site kinda relies on it. (imagemagick is optional for a typo3 install, but recommended).

It’s always better to ask than to assume, to avoid being disappointed :wink: ! Yes, imagemagick is installed on all Dreamhost servers. :slight_smile:


Thanks! that’s all I needed to know :slight_smile:

You can use imagemagick with Gallery (http://gallery.menalto.com/ ), it works perfectly :slight_smile:

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