Typo problems



Can someone please assist me and help me install typo. I have followed several guides with no luck at all. I want to install typo on my domain (not a subdirectory) but i can t figure out what i am doiing wrong. I have tried from scratch 3-4 times to do it but failed.

Thanks in advance


what error are you getting? whats your url so we can check?

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What directory did you install Typo in - and what directory is listed as the ‘home’ for your site?
Typo wants to be in a directory called ‘public’ under your web directory.

Make certain you have FastCGI Support checked for your domain.

Finally, you need to make some minor tweaks to the default text in some Typo text files. For instance - you need to edit public/config/database.yml to point to the correct mySQL host, username and password.

SSH into public/script and run ./console.
What output do you get?


I just had to have a look at this program. :slight_smile:

I used ssh to wget the two files from sourceforge into my document root.


I untarred the two files and changed the dummy folder to a nicer name as per the README file.

Then running www.example.com/nicer_name/ I went into the configuration tool where the only problems I came across were some missing folders under the typo3temp folder which I just added via ssh.

I just clicked buttons and changed passwords as instructed before ending up at the backend site.

My problem is ‘content’ :smiley:
I used the newsletter template but after adding “I think the main problem is having any content!” that was me all contented out!!!

I have not fiddled with anything yet as there are just too many buttons and my eyesight is going a bit now!

I cannot see any problem with installing it in the document root but you might have to readjust the simlinks from the dummy site folder to the source files.
I think it would be easier to link an index.html/php file from the document root to the dummy site folder. I always tend to prefer to leave the document root clear and use subfolders. I do not know if that is good web design or not but it does seem the most practicable.

The sun is now over the yard-arm so I may be incable of supplying coherent replies later. :wink: