Typing in my URL returns text not my blog

I can’t get to my blog by typing in the URL. It returns a bunch of text links ( I have these listed below)

I CAN get to my blog through google reader just fine, when I click on my blog link.

What is happening, and how do I fix this?

This is what is on my screen when I type in my URL

http://www.mccormickmadness.com en-US commentluv?v= yes http://www.mccormickmadness.com/2011/09/bowtie-lasagna/ blog http://www.mccormickmadness.com/2011/09/i-heart-faces-photo-challenge-entry/ blog http://www.mccormickmadness.com/2011/09/she-was-princess-for-the-day/ blog http://www.mccormickmadness.com/2011/09/much-to-do-about-nuthin/ blog http://www.mccormickmadness.com/2011/09/birds/ blog http://www.mccormickmadness.com/2011/09/dont-drink-and-tweet/ blog http://www.mccormickmadness.com/2011/09/kids-are-so-much-cuter-after-theyve-gone-to-bed/ blog http://www.mccormickmadness.com/2011/09/kitchen-remodeling-revamped-island/ blog http://www.mccormickmadness.com/2011/09/mad-men-my-newest-favorite-show/ blog http://www.mccormickmadness.com/2011/09/i-hate-homework-and-think-kids-should-not-have-any/ blog

It looks good to me. Embarrassing pictures and all.

I didn’t have a problem earlier either.