Typical time to wait for ticket?


New here, but wondering how long it takes typically for your tickets to get resolved.



Honestly? Anywhere from 1 minute to “I’m walking out the door now.”

The average is probably an hour or two.

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Must be my bad luck then. So far I’ve been not so impressed with the 12+ hour average (and still counting on one). I realize they have a server issue today…but this is basic stuff that should be working and not require a ticket in the first place.

Ah well, the 97 day evaluation continues and hopefully things get settled out as I have 2 more big hitting domains I’d like to move over.

Thanks for the reply!


In my experience, support response time is directly proportional to the severity of the issue.

Any non-critical enquiries I make are generally answered within 24 hours or so, but if the issue is critical (site outage etc.), the response is much quicker, usually only an hour or so, depending on the time of day and the number of pending support requests.

Although, I must admit, my experience is limited, as I have not had to make too many support requests. Generally (to borrow a phrase from Apple) ‘things just work’. :slight_smile:


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I think Dreamhost is getting better at replying though!
When I first arrived in October 2005, I submitted a ticket and got a response in 3 days - something I will never forget which made me panic!!

But they response within 12-24 hours now so I am happy :slight_smile:


55% of questions are answered within 2 hours and 95% are answered within 24 hours. The more difficult the question, the longer it takes to find a resolution, but our ever expanding staff has been great at stepping up to the challange of answering just about any question under the sun. I have been very impressed with support’s ability to not only keep up with with DreamHost’s rapid growth but to also get response times down in the process.

To be able to give small business care when hosting over 250,000 domains is no small feat. thanks sara for your vote of confidence, we really do appreciate it.


:slight_smile: No problem Michael! I love Dreamhost anyway! <3

Yes and I do agree about ‘the more difficult the question, the longer it takes’ (I think I asked an extremely difficult question lol). But the thing is, Dreamhost DOES respond to you in the end and they provide you with a really good answer, unlike some hosts which go “For more information, please visit our FAQ”. Lol.