Typical download bandwidth



I know this is difficult to answer, since server loads vary drastically, but what can my customers expect as typical download bitrates at various times of the day? For example, in the dead of night, what is the best they can expect?

What is “average” during the day?


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Depends where users are (and if their cable/dsl/fiber/other line is not on max).

I get about 300KB/s

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It varies significantly for me, depending not only upon time of day but also on routing, line condition, etc.

If I had to pick an “average” number, most of the time I’m probably close to what moua reports, though the speed does vary for my users (a lot depends uppon the details of their connections). :wink:



Generally i have been getting speeds between 300-600k. This may not be useful though as i have a rate adapting broadband that fluctuates between those rates just now anyway.

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Thanks for your replies everyone!

Well, I did a “case study” just now using the dreamhost.com/speed files and I get about the same as my current web host.

Would any of you with the killer 300-600kbps rate tell me how fast you do with this?


and then compare the rate with some files from

Like you all said, it all depends on where you are, what the net traffic situation is, your routing, your local ISP, the planetary alignment, etc.

BUT at least I’ll get a data point AND you get some good tunes too.


BitWorks Music - odd tunes for odd times


The music file you gave I get 350-450k, the dreamhost link you gave is wrong but I used http://entertainment.discombo.com/100MB_nonzero.bin on my own site to test and got similar speeds.

Downloading both at the same time the combined speed was 350-450k too so thats about the highest speed my internet is giving at the moment.

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I’ve only been with DH for a little while and have only done a couple of tests. On the couple occasions I’ve done some big downloads from my site, I’ve seen 200-500KB/sec. Almost never dipping below 200, lately hovering around 300. One test was from home but my latest test was run from the office where we have a T3 (45mbit, right?).

This is all to the east coast (from DreamHost’s Los Angeles servers).

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If you want to test speed :


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i currently host a mirror of OpenOffice.Org at http://openoffice.mirror.infinitaus.com/ and you might want to use that as a speed test.

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Here in Hong Kong got only about 50KB speed for both of the DH test site and the OP’s site.

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I just pulled 800k on the 16m file.

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Your internet connection is mainly responsible for this. If your connection don’t have ability to download more than that speed what DreamHost can do? Also the distance between HK and US is a bit responsible,but not that much.

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Nope. The main issue is the International Bandwidth of my ISP. I can download up to 250KB (i.e. 2000 Kbit) for local sites. This is common for almost all ISP in HK and some other countries.

It is not fault of DreamHost and I just want to let other know how other countries performance like.

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You repeated my words using a different clue. Because your word just represents the limitation of downloading speed of your connection(your connection is obviously provided by a ISP,thats not matter here),whatever i told. Its not the fact that the limitation is only for you or anyone within your country. If DH get servers(datacenters) in HK specially for your country people even then you can’t get more than 250kb(as you said) download speed,while other country people getting more or less.

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from DH account:

[fresca]$ wget http://www.bitworksmusic.com/features/SG0502TarthShooke.mp3
–02:38:32-- http://www.bitworksmusic.com/features/SG0502TarthShooke.mp3
=> `SG0502TarthShooke.mp3’
Resolving www.bitworksmusic.com…
Connecting to www.bitworksmusic.com[]:80… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
Length: 11,800,576 [audio/mpeg]

100%[====================================>] 11,800,576 9.03M/s

02:38:36 (9.01 MB/s) - `SG0502TarthShooke.mp3’ saved [11800576/11800576]

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$ wget http://entertainment.discombo.com/100MB_nonzero.bin
–02:43:51-- http://entertainment.discombo.com/100MB_nonzero.bin
=> `100MB_nonzero.bin’
Resolving entertainment.discombo.com…
Connecting to entertainment.discombo.com[]:80… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 404 Not Found
02:43:51 ERROR 404: Not Found.

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if u want a mirror of the Ubuntu DVD, you should use “mc” from DH shell and after that u can use split to divide it into 2 or 3 pieces so it can show on apache.

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