Tying passwords to client access areas

I’m not sure this is the correct spot for this question, but I thought I’d post something here to get a head start before bothering DH support.

How can I create a system where each of several clients has their own hierarchical (i.e., multi-folder) area of the site but a common access page; they would enter their identifier and password, or perhaps just a password, on that common access page and then be directed to their appropriate client pages without access to, or even seeing, the pages of other clients. How is that type of system created?


The way to do this is to use CGI applications that are able to initiate and maintain a session with the browser through cookies or URLs with session tokens. For each request the CGI application must authenticate the token.

If you really need to learn how the systems are created, pick up a book from a bookstore or search web sites associated with web development; there is no shortage of examples of such an essential function to most web sites.

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You could accomplish this by using a Content Management System like Drupal and a groups module like Organic Groups. Users have passwords and different users have access to different group-specific files.