Two Websites... Two Accounts... Two Users?

I’ve read several threads and the dream host wiki page on accounts, and I’m still confused. : (

Here’s the dilemma. When I first signed up for hosting I was helping start a little business. Not knowing much, I created the account and got the website up and running. I’ve moved on to other projects, but this business and site are still going. Now I want to create another website for a new business.

How should I set this up? All the original site’s stuff is still in my account (and I created two users who have access as well.) I want to add the new sites and create new users for it, but keep it separate from the other site and users. Ideally, I’d like the billing addresses to be separate as well.

Do I need to pay for hosting again?

Please help.

No you don’t.

Your email above is a little confusing I read it several times, trying to determine if you were using the term users to mean server user or something else.

In general tho, you can host unlimited domains on your dreamhost account. The best practice would be to create new user, which does give you isolated space on the server for the next site. There might be reasons that you want to use the same user for the new domain (such as if you were running both with Wordpress multi-site) but there are trade-off’s (less security) for doing it that way.

To restate, just keep the same dreamhost account. Add another user to it. Host the new site with that user.

Thanks. Sorry if my questions were confusing. I think I’ve been confused about what exactly a “user” is after reading through so many of these threads on the forum.

Are there ways to limit access for the users I’ve created?

Basically… what steps should I take to add a new domain for a new wordpress site with the hosting plan that I already have?

Also… I don’t know you mean by Wordpress multi-site…

Hopefully this makes more sense.

Thanks for your help LakeRat.

Basically just go to the manage domains page in the panel and add it.

If the domain is registered just use the first add button, they added another button recently if you also need to register the domain.

You can host unlimited domains on one account.

A “user” is connected to a domain, and determines how the files are found on the server, in short. But other factors make the users concept so much more powerful.

Without meaning to possibly confuse the situation more, there are also “Panel Users” that can help separate what the person logging into the DreamHost Panel can see and do.

Further reading: DreamHost Panel: Account Privileges