Two website on a single hosting plan?


Hi there,

I’m an owner of two different websites here in Italy, and I have two different domains, web hosting, registration fees.
I’m thinking about moving those to Dreamhost, but I need an information: may I use the same L1 hosting plan (therefore, the same ftp space) and store there both, pay for one plan only and two 9,95$/y for the domain name registration? Or do I have to buy a single hosting plan for each site I own?

Thanks in advance for the replies,



Yes, you can host an unlimited number of domains on any plan. If you want extra domains, you can use the code FIDGETDOMAIN to get a free extra domain registration plus $82 off.

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Thank you so much for the quick answer.
Another short question: how do I setup my ftp dir? Do I have to create two different directories, one for each site, isn’t it?

And thanks also for the generous discount code!


By default, Dreamhost gives each domain its own folder. However, you can customize this however you want. For instance, I created a “sites” folder where I keep all of my websites.

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Remember that you can’t register .it domains from DreamHost, so you’ll still need to find a registrar who will do .it domains if those are the domains that you want.

DreamHost will host ANY domain, but you can only register .com, .net, .org, or .info domains through DreamHost.

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Its also a hassle for newbies to host in one place and register domains in another place. However, papzadsl if your existing domains are within DreamHosts range then just transfer you domains to here. If not :

  1. just keep your existing domain registrar and host with DreamHost (remember you’ll still get a life time free .com,.net,.org,.info,.biz or .us domain registration or transfer by default)
  2. You can do option (1) and register .com,.net… domain with your free credit and mirror with your previous domains. So that your visitors you’ll be able to access with both .it and .com(or whatever you get) extensions. Thats better i think. The more popular extensions you’ll get the more coverage of visitors you’ll get. Also its better for visitors easy rememb of your site.
    As of there’s no extra fee for hosting more domains on DreamHost so no worries,keep going. :slight_smile:

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You do not need to create directories for your site by default because DH automatically created them for you under your home directory. However, you can also create your own directories structure and than set each domain’s home directory in your web panel.

For FTP, the default user account can log in your home directory and can access all of your account space. So, if you manage them all, there is no need to create other ftp users. However, you can also create new users and limited them to some place such as only one of the domain. You can do this in Web Panel->Users->Manage Users.

Hoped this help.

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To be more specific, you have the choice :
you can create a new domain/website on a different folder,
or create a new domain/website with a different login, totally independent.

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Guys, you all rock :slight_smile:

Luckily, my websites are .com and .org, so no bothering with other registars, but thank you so much for the hint.
I’ve always liked so much the «mood» around here — so casual and damn «foo the corporations, we’re better» —, therefore I’m glad to support this company by subscribing an hosting plan with you.

Last thing: I’ve read the wiki where it speaks about moving a website from «there» to «here», but I didn’t catch the sense. As always, I’d like to get the less «black out» period possible for my visitors, but I know there will be some. So, what do you suggest, since my hosting plans are running out (next june)? I’m not so pro in managing website: on one I have a WP platform (, on another — hosted on Windows machine, that sucks — ( an oldish manually built site.

Thanks again!



So there’s no hesitation,no obligation and you’re(or being) a DH customer. Ok Francesco Totti :stuck_out_tongue: , welcome to DH.

No,not even that much if you get the temporary subdomain while sign up. If you do so,you can transfer your old files to DH and test them with that subdomain. When your site is up and running with that subdomain,just transfer your original domain. So you’ll not get that much downtime. If you need more detailed help,ask here. Here’re some experts,they will help you…

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My provider doesn’t allow me to redirect my dns: it seems just I can’t handle them. Is it possible? If so, what chances do I have to move my domains? I mean: in this case, my website would be offline from the moment the domain name starts to move until the registration process end?


if you want less downtime then take a free subdomain while sign up and transfer your domains later. Then transfer your old files to DreamHost while your sites are running on the previous server and test your site here in DreamHost using the free subdomain. When your sites are up and running here then point your domain to dreamhost using,, name servers. Then come to your DH panel and go to domains>Reg. Transfer and transfer your domains. If you’ve free domain credits and haven’t used them,you can use them anytime. Wish that helps.

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Sorry i forgot to answer the main question. There’s many providers where domain control panel and hosting panel aren’t on the same place. If thats the fact for you,you might forgot to lookup to your domain control panel. If not look around you panel for manage dns/dns management like options.Your provider can’t stop your domain transfer unless the domain is own by them(some stupid providers do so) or if your domain is locked. Please check these first. Wish you’ll get it.

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If your old service provider do not allow you to set your Nameservers to DreamHost, yes there would be some “downtime” when your do the transfer but you can make it quite invisible.

  1. as advised by other, you can create a and put all the stuff there first.

  2. you can create in dreamhost and point to the same hosting directory.

  3. Keep some hosting time in your old hosting company when you transfer the domain. When you do the transfer, some people visiting will still go to your old host as the DNS cache need time to time out. You can put a tranfer page on your old hosting company to transfer the visitor to so that they are actually visiting your new site.

  4. After within 72 hours, all visitors should be already visiting your new site in dreamhost and you can say goodbye to your old host now.

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Ok, I’m going to make a phone call to my hosting provider to clarify wheter I can handle myself those dns or not.
In the latter case, I’d like to follow the first hypotesis listed in your wiki (, that is to select, during the subscription procedure, the «I already own a domain, AND transfer the registration…» It seems to be the less difficult, and the fear to screw it all up is worse than having some more blackout days… :wink:

Meanwhile, another little question (feel free not to answer if I’m growing too boring!): I’m downloading the whole content of my ftp on my hard drive; once I’ll have my new space here at DH, if I’ll simply upload them all, will they run or not? We’re talking about a WP blog.

Thanks guys, as always!



If you are transferring wordpress the only problem would be if you were changing the domain name. If everything is identical there should be no big problems.

If the domain is changing this should either be changed in wp-admin before saving the database or by changing it within wp_options siteurl in the database.

You also need to ensure that you update the wp-config file with the new database details.

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Why do you think us always frustrated? We’re happy in helping you. Therefore, you gonna be our neighbour(DreamHost customer). Again the question you asked is very logical for someone new on transferring sites. WP site transferring is not that easy like just ‘download and upload’,rather it needs you to be very careful while transferring WP or you might lose your valuable contents.
Just peace…

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So, speaking about WP importing, since I’ve read somewhere that DH has one-click WP installation, I would rather install a brand new copy of WP and then make an import of my current blog in that. Would it work?


I’m not experienced on transferring WP. But the way you said,its possible. Even it will better if you want WP to be automatically updated to latest stable version by DreamHost. There’s ofcourse way to backup from the WP management panel. And before doing that i think it will be wise downloading the whole directory of your WP installation. So anyhow if you get mistake you can use your downloaded files. Wait for a better answer including more instructions on it.

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If you are using former version of WP, importing the database to your new site might cause problem. So, you better upgrade your WP for your old site before you do the database backup. This will let you restore the database to your new site in DH smoothly.

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