Two Virtual Servers, under 1 Domain Name?


I’m wondering if this is possible at Dreamhost.

I have a hosted server at Dreamhost (, and I have a Windows server (with some other software on it that supports virtual servers) - with a DSL connection (SDSL, .75 MBPS) and a router with NAT.

I want to have my virtual server on my home machine appear as a subdirectory off my main domain … e.g.

Is this supported by Dreamhost? How would i do it?

Its sort of like a “multi-homed” routing solution, it seems.

Any thoughts?



You can’t. Barring proxying the traffic through DH’s server to your home server, your hostname can only refer to one machine.

What you can do is, in the DNS section in the Panel, create an A record for (or, or whatever) with the IP address of your home machine. You can then use that hostname to refer to your home server. I do this myself with the hostname of my machine at home so I can SSH to it without having to type out the IP address every time.

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