Two Questions

First question. My friend ordered a domain from dreamhost. I bought a domain, and hosting. I’m going to be hosting his site, and I was wondering how we could get it where when someone goes to his website it shows in the address bar instead of just redirecting to mine. We would like it to be, instead of www.mywebsite/him/pics.

My next question, is there anyway to setup an ftp account just for him. So he can login, and he go to his folder in the ftp.

Thanks for any help.

I believe you can with Domain->Manage in your Control Panel. Once you transfered your friend domain to your account, you will be able to edit the Web service in this menu. By default it should create something like /home/yourUserName/hisWebsite. You will want to change that to /home/hisUserName/hisWebsite. See below how to create a new user with ftp.

There is a easy way to setup a ftp account for your friend. In control panel, choose Users->Users then press the “Add New User” link. Your friend will now be able to ftp to, enter his username/password and be directed to /home/yourFriendUserName. He will have to change directory to “hisWebsite” and upload his files.

The only downside to this is that only one user can use CGI/PHP-CGI.

When I make him as a user, it makes an ftp for him, but the ftp directs to some place, that I don’t know where it is. I would like it to direct to /home/myuser/ or whatever it goes to. How do I do that?

One of you can have FTP into his domain but not both. When you set up the user that user gets a space, and domains can be hosted in that space. You could set his home directory to be inside the web root that’s inside your user space but that would likely be a large mess, nested users suck.

If you wantt to be able to develop in one domain and him in the other then you can go to the domain admin section and edit the domain you want to give him and tell it to be hosted in /home/hisuser/ then he’ll see it in his ftp space after the changes are run through the system (an hour or two). Be sure you set the logs to go under his user space and run all the cgi as his user as well.