Two L1 accounts seem to be cheaper than one L2?

I was looking over the pricing on different plans and noticed that if I take two L1 accounts I would be getting:

9600MB Disk Storage (Same as L2)
240 GB Monthly Bandwidth (L2 is only 144GB)
Weekly increase os 2GB (L2 is only 1.5GB increase)

I notice that the pricing keeps doubling every successive plan. So although the cost of taking eight L1 accounts is the same as taking a single L4 account, the disk space and bandwidth rewards are much much higher. My request to DH is to increase the higher accounts much more than the lower accounts. This would make sense for us to take L(n+1) account types that we would other wise take (where n is the plan number we planned to take initially)

Then sign up for 2 (two) L1’s! :slight_smile:

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I hope you know you can register unlimited domains under one plan, right?

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