Two identical web sites with two identical mySQL databases that function indepently


I’m trying to have two identical web sites with two identical mySQL databases that function independently of each other so I can work on an upgrade on one. I set up a subdomain on a VPS server that I am trying to do a moodle site upgrade on. I copied all the original files over to the VPS server and am now going to do software upgrades. I’m confused on how I won’t mess up mySQL databases and still have them function on the original site if I upgrade the moodle on the subdomain VPS server (I assume the moodle install files I copied “know” it’s linked to the old mySQL database??? If I do something that alters the database (like upgrading the moodle version) on the subdomain VPS wouldn’t it be linked to the original website so I would assume will alter the database for both sites and thus break my functioning old site that won’t have the updated moodle version? How can I avoid this? How can I make them be copies yet function independently? How can I create a copy of the mySQL database and link it to my subdomain VPS “play area” where I have the freedom to potentially mess it up and still have the original domain on the other server running fine with the older database? I know I am most likely asking this very poorly as I only know how to do what I do by fumbling around and have very little training in this. Thanks for any advice.


I sort of figured this out. I’m going to create a new database for the VPS and import the existing database into it using phpadmin. I then assume I will have two independently functioning databases. One that I can use as a test. I can then link the new database copy to the VPS server by simply telling moodles config.php file where it’s located.