Two domains on the same hostingspace

I’d like to setup two domains (for two different website) on the same hosting space. With the first one, of course, no problems at all (up and running).

I have a problem with my second domain (it’s a .de domain). I registred the domain on dreamhost (so the nameservers are the dreamhost default), added the new domain and set it up as fully hosted (with his own ftp user - I left the rest as they were) but I can’t access neither the website, the ftp (only via fog) or any other services that i set up (webmail).

What can be the problem? Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks in advance!

It could just be that you didn’t give it enough time to propagate. You can use to verify that.

If you can post the domain name then then we can take a better look.

thanks. it’s
and from seems not to be propagated. I’ve already referesh the dns yesterday, and I registred the name (via dreamhost) quite a while ago. does show valid whois information, and it does show the nameservers point to dreamhost.

You’re also correct that sees to reflect that no propagation has occurred.

Does “manage domains” in the panel say “fully hosted” in the “web hosting” column for this domain?

yes, it’s fully hosted.

if I check with this

i get a lookup failed message

Address lookup lookup failed Could not find an IP address for this domain name.

Yes, whatsmydns is essentially telling the same story with the red X’s

Have you opened a support ticket? This appears to be a glitch. One thing you could try since support will be slow anyway (it’s a holiday in the USA) is to delete the domain on the manage domains page in the panel, wait about 30 minutes and the re-add it back. Doesn’t sound like you have files there yet, but if you do don’t worry, just add it back with the same user (no files are deleted from the server when you delete the domain on manage domains).

yes, I’ve opened a support ticket, didn’t know it was holiday in the US, that’s why they are kinda slow with it :slight_smile:

No, I didn’t try yet to delete the domain. But you mean the “delete” button on the right (under the “restore” button) or the “remove” button on the center?


I tried (the delete button), waited and added the domain back, but nothing’s changed.

If you force DNS lookup using ns[1|2|3] the DNS exists… it’s just not propagating outside dreamhost for some reason.

The .DE registry says the current status of this domain is “failed” — I don’t remember off the top of my head what this means, but it is the reason why the domain isn’t working. Please contact DreamHost Support, if you haven’t already, for more details.

I’ve already contacted the DH support. thanks for the help!