Two different monthly DH newsletters

A couple years ago I posted my concern about the wacky newsletters we get from Dreamhost. Today I don’t bother to read them. They’re 90+% garbage, unprofessional, tough to read, with very little substantive content.

Continue to send the long and arguably entertaining notes to those who want them, but I just want a quick summary from my vendor about services for which I pay. What’s broken? What’s been fixed? What’s going to change? You can do that in one paragraph with links.

My suggestion: Give us a panel option to choose what kind of monthly newsletter we get, Concise or Verbose - and then send the right one according to this selection.


+1 This would be a good thing. Trying to discern what’s actually important in each newsletter is a pain.

You can do it with a single newsletter, with the headline announcements and changes at the top… and then the CEO editorial pieces, the stuff on DHSOTM, the charity bit etc below

Just eliminate the nonsense. The whole thing is such a joke.

Coming back to this yet again a year later - I still find almost no content of interest in any of the monthly announcements. Or perhaps I’ve missed something significant hidden in the ramblings.

Really Dreamhost, this is really friggin annoying. Please start sending concise, business-oriented updates to those of us who don’t want to read through the monthly trash. No more Simon Sez, no more DHSOTM, no more free-form jazz-odyssey of the brain. Just tell us what’s happening with the servers and your events.

I like the funny e-mails, but sometimes I just don’t have the time. A short and precise summary on changes should be within the e-mail.

Believe it or not, there are still people who love reading Newletters. For myself, I actually just set in customer filters for those mails not to come in. :slight_smile:

Just bumping: Every month the newsletters have the same issue: 99% trash and maybe 1% content. Really stupid for a company to think this is good business.

That’s exactly why I stopped reading the newsletter. I trash them without even opening now.