Two days:Outage first reported



I am from China,I’ve been using dreamhost vps two years,Feeling very fast and very stable,But starting from yesterday VPS start Outage。

Yesterday, the site can not be accessed, then send the message to the customer explained the problem,Service of the answer is VPS Outage,Then I began to wait VPS recovery,However, it is still not solved,During this time, I found dozens of Outage,VPS frequent Outage,Has lasted more than 30 hours,Now, the site is very unstable, I do not know how to do it。

Today, I gave the customer service sent an e-mail has been nine hours not Reply,VPS constantly Outage,I am now very upset。

my VPS is ps35783 ,I hope dreamhost quickly help me solve。

Finally, my english sucks.


What site is this?


Sorry for the delayed response; We appreciate your patience! I see that Jen D. answered your support ticket and the issue seems to be resolved now. Please reply to that email directly if you find yourself needing anymore assistance! We’ll be happy to help. :slight_smile:


First of all thank the customer’s enthusiastic answer

Customer service said:

“I took a look at your domains and the content itself is loading fine, and
I’m unable to replicate any errors.”

But I suspect MYSQL problem, because there have been more problems.

Question 1:

Posting appear:Your request timed out. Please retry the request

Question 2:

Sometimes the domain name back automatically add “/ … /” ("…" the middle of any letters) For example this form:

Web site to connect MYSQL speed is unstable, and I hope to help check MYSQL,I have given the customer service reply illustrates this situation, and is waiting for a reply.

Finally, thank you